2013 Trends Forecast

2013 Trends Graphic

Things to consider as brands need to evolve.

While no one can exactly predict how design and marketing trends will affect brands, we have some pretty good insight from our friends at Landor. There is much to consider and analyze, but here are eight trends to get one thinking. One thing is clear, as brand developers, there is a constant need for innovation and clarity to effectively reach our consumers. As we evolve this global market and the internet, it is becoming critical for us to evolve our presence in the internet world so that we can effectively reach people on a national or global scale.

Trend one: “Gamification”
Trend two: Brand Purpose
Trend three: Luxury in India
Trend four: Future of packaging
Trend five: Data Visualization
Trend six: Future of design
Trend seven: Global growth of Chinese brands
Trend eight: Future of branding