• Creative Direction
  • Branding & Logo Development


Financial advisement firm; Christenson Wealth Management launches program to protect high net worth individuals against civil monetary judgements. The service consists of a financial strategy that effectively insulates an individuals assets and is branded “The Vault.” Christenson Wealth Management asks ICON Imaging to develop a brand to best depict the protective nature of the service.


As the most litigious society in the world, advanced, solid, and aggressive solutions are imperative to protect ones assets, our job was to design a brand that conveys this foundation. The iconic lion was incorporated as the face of the vault and intentionally designed to reflect a more sinister appearance and promote and image of “aggressive protector.” We coupled this illustration with the sturdy appearance of a vault to further expand on the secureness of the service. The logo was finished with the color gold and contrasted with a black background for increased visibility. No animals were harmed during the design of this logo.