• Creative Direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding & Logo Development
  • Website Design
  • Business Cards/Print Material


Jetrepairanywhere.com is an online-based aviation services directory that caters to general aviation flight planers and pilots. This subscription-based service provides the end user with and instant listings of services; the results can be customized based on a variety of search criteria for any airport in the world. This method of searching allows for faster research especially during aircraft emergencies where a company looses money every minute the aircraft is on the ground. The first challenge was to create a logo that better represented the brand as an online business. The existing logo was too complex, outdated and lacked visibility. The web site was equally as visually outdated and navigation through the site was not easy and intuitive. Jetrepairanywhere.com is also subscription based and was competing against non-subscription based flight planning and information web sites.


ICON Imaging first needed to address the redesign of the logo by doing a competition brand analysis. The logo had to stand out and go against the status-quo colors of blue that dominate the aviation industry. The logo was coupled with a brand-statement: “Find it now,” which helped emphasized the value of the service, especially during aviation maintenance emergencies and other AOG’s.

The web site carries the same brand consistency with improved navigation and imagery to create an improved user experience.