Using Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool

Marketing through social media is an effective tool for almost all Internet marketing campaigns. It allows businesses to directly interact and share information with customers, which not only helps to build business relationships but also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Correctly planning and executing an effective social media marketing campaign is a time-consuming and sometimes flat-out boring task, so here are some tips to keep you on track:

Everything Takes Time.

Some of your posts can be prescheduled and automated, but for the most part someone needs to be actively monitoring your social networks to respond to comments, questions and concerns. What you are trying to show is the human side of your business. The social media market is completely saturated with companies and brands of all types, and the only way to set your company apart is to dedicate time and resources to make it happen.

Stake your Claim.

A few years ago all we had to worry about were Facebook and Twitter. Now it is imperative that you take advantage of other services such as LinkedIn and Google+, where you can create company pages. Any links back to your website help to build your credibility with the search engines and of course potential customers. At the very least, you can get the pages started so that nobody else can claim them.


Don’t treat your social media presence as a billboard. The point is to interact with the customers and to answer their questions.

Advertise Social Media

Once your profiles are launched, make sure you add URLs to your Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages on all your printed material. Stick it on your business cards, put it on your brochures, mailers and your web site.

Do NOT be overly promotional

The reality is that nobody wants to see your ads. Nobody wants to hear about your new products, who is endorsing your brand, or how cheap it is. They want to fast forward through, close the ad and get back to what they were doing. What social media is really about is more about giving something useful to the users and maybe if you are really lucky, they will buy something or tell their friends about it.

Facebook will actually shut down your page if your cover photo or profile picture is overly promotional.

With these tips you should have a good place to start planning and creating your new social media marketing campaign. We realize that not everyone has the time and technical ability to manage these campaigns, which is why we offer Social Media Marketing Services.

In the end, the biggest thing is making the effort and dedicating time and resources to generating and sharing relevant and compelling content. Remember to have fun with it!