Our offices are conveniently located at the Scottsdale AirCenter in Scottsdale, AZ
ICON Imaging is a web and print visual communications company based out of the vibrant Scottsdale AirCenter in Scottsdale Arizona. Our staff is here to create a solution for your business needs.

Leno Marin

Creative Director

Call me “Jay”! I love design. When I listen to business ideas, I get excited about bringing those ideas to life visually. I have worked in visual communications for 10 years and started out designing business cards, logos and doing miscellaneous design work. It started as a hobby and quickly developed into a business as I received more and more requests to develop business material, which made me feel important. We have developed into a full service visual communication, design and printing firm and have created identities for companies that range in size and nature from aviation to real estate and non-profit too. Now, as creative director, I feel even more important!

Marc Nixon

Application Development

Whether programming and designing or on the ice playing hockey, I utilize my creative and technical abilities to set my work apart from the rest. I recently graduated from Arizona State University with a BSE in Computer Systems Engineering. I have a very broad computer background but my web specialties include CMS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & SEO.

Casey Dufurrena


I received my education from Arizona State University. I am very passionate about my art, and I look forward to using creativity and experience to generate original and intriguing graphic designs.